Author Topic: GC sandbox leaderboard only shows the last user/score that was played...  (Read 1315 times)

Richard Hartman

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I've discovered something weird that isn't mentioned in Apple's docs. My app can post scores to the leaderboard, but only the last score is ever shown no matter how many games are played. It always shows "1 of 1" despite my having created multiple test users in iTunes Connect and formally logging into the Game Center applet before playing the game.


1) Launch the Game Center applet and formally log out, leaving no GC account active.

2) Run my game, which causes the GC applet to fire up and ask you to login.

3) Log in a different GC user, which then returns to my game.

4) Play the game.

5) Check the GC, which does show the just-completed game's username and score.

I then repeat from step #1 and use a completely different test account. When done, there is STILL only one score visible - the earlier username and score have been replaced with the most recent one.

Any ideas?