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Greetings DragonFireSDK Community!

I have an request of the users out there looking to create Adventure style Role-Playing Games.

I'm currently working on an adventure game (Tile Based Role-Playing Game) using DragonFireSDK, with a lot of custom built tools.

It currently has the following features. 
1. Tile Based Mapping (Map Editor using Tile Painting 40x40 pixel tiles)
2. Collision - so you can block certain tiles.
3. Turn Based Combat - Fight Style similar to games like Final Fantasy 1 (New Window Appears with the Monster PNG, and your attack/spell/dodge/run options)
4. Warping - (Ability to warp to new maps for going indoors and warping to new areas.
5. Events - A certain tile can be turned into an event tile, when the player hits the Action icon it runs the event.  Events can be set as story dialogue or shops.
6. Inventory System - a 16 Slot inventory System, as well as 5 equipment slots (Weapon, Head, Body, Legs, Shield)
7. Spell System - Players can know 4 spells at a time, can learn 1 new spell per level, must choose to replace an existing spell or upgrade.
8. Save/Load Features - Ability to pick up wherever you left off.  Also includes an Autosave.
9. CSV style file configurations for loading and parsing all data files and assets.
10. Walking and Combat Animations (5 Predefined Spell Animations, 1 Melee Animation, Directional walking animations for N/E/S/W)

I have built custom tools to create games, such as a Map Editor, Item Editor, Monster Editor, Attack Editor, Spell Editor, Event Editor.  These were built using VB (it got the job done), and while they are fully functional, they are quite ugly at the moment as I had no intentions on releasing/selling the code or editors.

The more I got to creating this, the more I had the idea of selling the Adventure Kit as a Development tool for other developers who may not have programming knowledge but still want to create Adventure games for iPhone.  Obviously a prereq would be that you are required to have a DragonFireSDK License. 

My thoughts are to improve the overall look and feel of the Editors so that they are professional grade tools, provide a fully function demo-game, with a complete royalty free tileset, as well as documentation on how to use the Kit to create your own advenure games with no programming knowledge.  If it was sold, the App.c would be included for those developers who want to take the source and add their own spin on the Kit to make their game unique.  The code is well commented and easy to understand.

My question to the community, "is there a market for this?", "is this something you'd be interested in?", "what would you like to see?", "what would you consider a fair price?"

Attached are screenshots (Ignore the HORRIBLE programmer art for the UI and some tiles, it's not meant to look pretty, it's meant to get the job done.  It'll look pretty if I go to sell ;)


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Re: An idea for those looking to make adventure games, looking for input!
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2012, 03:32:19 am »
Interesting idea, and impressive work on the editor!!  :D
In my opinion, many people could be interested, but you need to add more features :
- ability to customize menu screens (inventory, item inspection, fight...)
- events system must allow to implement "puzzles", e.g. sequences of events needed to unlock a door/bridge/anything in a dungeon for example.
There are probably others, these were just my 2 cents.
Great job!


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Re: An idea for those looking to make adventure games, looking for input!
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2012, 07:17:46 am »
A custom UI editor isn't that hard to do, that may be the next thing I tackle.

As for puzzles in event mode, it wasn't something I had planned, though 'Keys' are a good idea!  It could easily be added if I were to sell the source and someone could customize their version for Puzzles.


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Re: An idea for those looking to make adventure games, looking for input!
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2012, 07:28:20 am »
For a fair price I would probably use something like this just for the sake of saving time as long as I was able to make changes code side as necessary(which i think would be semi-often).  I also prefer non-flashy UIs so as long as your editors had an easy to use interface i'd be happy.


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Hi, I would get a lisence if it was not too high enough, as long as the code was rather easy to change to modify settings etc.

For me personally, there would be no need for any more fancy GUI than what you already have


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Just an update on the progress,

I'm tackling rebuilding the editor today, (was previously done in VB6SP6 - ol'faithful) however I began to dislike the dated look to it.  While I truly believe VB.NET is Microsoft's red-headed step child and should be put out of it's misery, it will give the 'Editor' for this project a more modern look and feel than it's predecessor has.  It will also allow some better rending of the Map Editor as I'm currently pulling half-assed API functions to render PNGs.  I hope to have this ported to .NET in a day or two at most.  Thankfully, the code can be transfered quite easily from old to new.

As for the engine itself, I've added some new features which I think you will be impressed with.

1. Expanded Event System - Placing an event on the map, can now trigger the following options
  • Interactive Dialoge
  • Shops
  • Treasure (Loot)
  • Mp3 Start/Stops
  • Browser Launch
  • Vibrate()
  • Weather()
2. Layered Mapping System
  • Previously, maps were limited to one layer, so everything was flattened onto the ground on a layer below the player.  I've added 2 layers ontop of this, that appear above the player, which can be used for trees, houses, signs etc.
3. Weather
  • Map Settings now have a variable for Weather settings, including Sun, Rain or Snow.  Events can also trigger weather.
4. Map Linking
  • Map Settings now have a variable for 'Map North, East, South, West" to link maps together if you want the feel of a big world rather than creating many warps.

Some Common FAQ I'm receiving:

1. When will this be completed?
I'm hoping near the end of May or early June.  Don't quote me on that, there's no set deadline.  When I feel it's feature complete and user friendly so that anyone can pick it up and create their own adventure game, I'll be ready to release it.

2. Can I sell games I make with this?
Sure.  You'll be required to have a license for this engine as well as a DragonFireSDK License, as well as your own Apple Developer ID.  The editor includes a 'Build' feature that will compile your folder so all you need to do is use the DragonFireSDK Build Center, build you game, test it and submit it to the appstore!

3. Can I use the media included with the engine?
Any multimedia included in the engine is yours to use, modify or redistribute!

4. Will it link to GameCenter?
Sadly, no.  Once you've completed your game, you may contact Samu Games for a private quote for us to include game center for you, or you may use the App.c included with the engine and add it yourself.

5. Is the source code included?
Of course! You'll need to supply your own DragonFireSDK header's however we include the Engine's App.c for you to modify.

6. How does it handle loading/saving?
A custom CSV style system using "|" parsed plain text data files.

7. Why are the maps small?
This was a personal design choice from when the engine was originally created.  I wanted to keep the number of 'Views' down to a managable number. Each tile (40x40 pixels) is it's own view.  There are also 3-4 layers (each containing tiles and views).  Perhaps in a future build I will increase map size and redevelop the tile engine, but it's not a priority right now.  This could easily be modified using the App.c and increasing the X,Y values of the Tile Engine, as well as increase MapTiles, LayerTiles(1,2), and creating the scrolling functionality.

8. How much will it cost?
I can't say for sure.  I'm throwing 39.99 or 49.99 around for now.

9.  What devices can this be used for?
Currently, only iPhone.  I'll tweak it to include iPad at a later date.

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I have a question though. As it looks like a map is fit into one screen, so how does scrolling work in the engine ? Is character always centered, or does actor move and all map is changed when he leaves the screen ?


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 Maps currently do not 'scroll', it was a limitation I set on the engine when I initial starting developing it as to not overload the system with too many views.  It's easy to add your own scrolling ability into the game, the Map Sizes are stored in a simple variable, all you'd need to do is adjust the Worldsetxy for when the player moves to set the camera in the correct location and reset the HUD in the proper location.

It does work very smoothly without the scrolling, and the map linking makes it feel very quick.

Here is a video of the gameplay.



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This is a video of the Game Editors in use.


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Did you create the Engine editior yourself? Very impressive if that's the case! I wonder how did you create your collision detection for the enviorment?


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Re: An idea for those looking to make adventure games, looking for input!
« Reply #10 on: July 06, 2012, 11:10:18 pm »
I would pay $20, $25 dollars for this, its very good. I like this