Author Topic: App Store Distribution field names unclear = Invalid Login - Please try again  (Read 1959 times)


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I'm looking at the field names at and it's totally not clear to me what values to enter in each slot.  The video has them blank, so that doesn't give me a clue either.

Email -- clear enough
Serial -- is this the Bundle ID?  SKU?  There's no clear field called Serial in the App Information
Apple ID -- is this the number or email address?  The Apple web site calls both Apple ID in various places.
Apple Account Name -- unclear
Password -- clear enough

No mater what I try to submit, I get this error:  Invalid Login - Please try again

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Got the answer from Tim via email.

Quote from: Tim
Serial is your DFSDK serial number.  The same one you use to log in to the Build Center.
Apple ID would be the e-mail address for the technical account on your iTunes Connect account.
Password is the password for the above account.
You can leave Apple Account Name blank (unless it makes you fill it out) we don't use that for anything these days.


// Tim

Thanks Tim!