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hex coordinate system
« on: July 09, 2013, 11:22:13 am »
I am working on initial planning for my next app which will be a HEX grid based war type game with units that move from hex location to location... I am curious if anyone has ideas on the overall architecture for the grid itself and the icons or shapes that are in a given hex grid element. 

Would it be best to have a world size grid graphic that represents the playing grid, and then build the terrain and units on top?
Or would it be best to have each grid element a separate hex style PNG.  (I am leaning towards the former global png for the grid)

If the user pinches to zoom in - would one or the other be a better design to make zoom and shrink work best?
if a global PNG grid, would scaling it be difficult? or finding where a unit belongs for a given coordinate?
Would x,y user press to hex grid be easier if the entire grid were individual elements instead of a world size grid?

I knowing starting with the right datastructures will make or break the game - so I want to choose the best way to display this here at the beginning of development and not learn the hard way ...