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How Do I...? / Turning Page
« on: August 25, 2015, 05:53:53 am »
Hi Guys
I am looking for a example how to turn a page or a Card by pressing a button.
Thanks in advance

Non-Game Programming / browser launch
« on: November 12, 2012, 11:10:30 am »
Hi guys
I am a newby in programing and i am trying to implement a browserlaunch in to containers. But unfortunatelly i am no able to create a working link to a container. I think the solution is to place the BrowserLaunch(URL); to the right place. But after trying several things i cannot find the right solution  Grrrrrrr.... :'( . I hope the example down there is clear to you experts.
Thanks in advance.


//******************* webzugriff
     char URL[300];

      case 6:
      nCurrentScreen = SCREEN_6; //Hallo
   case 7:
      nCurrentScreen = SCREEN_6_1; //Hallo_Details
      sprintf(URL, "");


   return id;

   BrowserLaunch(URL);  //web
               return(1);  //web

void AppMain()

// Populate container 6 Bielersee
   ViewAdd(nContainer6_1, "Images/Bielersee/bgweiss320-480.png", 0, 0); //Screen6_1 
   ButtonAdd(nContainer6_1, "Images/Pfeil_blauback", 270, 430, OnButton, 6); //OnButton6_1 Screen 6
   AppStoreButton = ButtonAdd(nContainer6_1, "Images/AppStore", 10, 60, OnButton, 6);

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