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How Do I...? / Problems restarting game on iPad
« on: December 05, 2012, 02:56:06 pm »
I just installed my first game app on my iPad and am having some strange things happening.  The first time I run the game it works as normal, going to a start screen (which is a big start button). When you click the button the game starts and runs exactly as planned for until the 60 second timer expires. Then it displays a game over screen with your score. No problem so far, on the game over screen is a "play again?" button which when clicked starts the game over. This all works good until I quit the game by pressing the home button on the iPad. When I go to play the game later by launching my games icon, the game starts by displaying the game over screen! I can press the "play again?" button and play the game but why doesn't it start with the Start screen like it did the first time I played it. I can turn the iPad off. But when I relaunch the games icon same result no start screen. Is the appexit command not getting called ? Thanks in advance for any help.

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