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Build Center / Good news DragonFireSDKMac is coming soon
« on: May 01, 2015, 12:52:21 am »
Good news DragonFireSDKMac is coming soon
DragonFireSDKMac is a Mac library and this promises to be the future build center
I going to try  this new system to build app

Game Programming / (GUS) I writing a App, here is my progress and comments
« on: February 10, 2015, 04:54:10 am »
To DFSDK forum  and beginers

Hi friends the last  week I start making a new game before this my only experience is my two apps i created with DFSDK. I don't feel like an expert but i will  try my best in explanation what steps to take.

-If you want to create an app where the images need to move from one place to another i suggest to create a program that can write a file.  A file that contain a line path in where your image can move
toward (see image-1)
-Every image has to be consider as an object, that contains all of it properties. including its path way (see image-2) 
-Create an scalable functions, Right now I think this is better, I forget this and now I have excess of code.(see image-3)
-if you has issue with a algorithm, well then drop to trash and try again.

Here is a video, is about my App Arcade Blackbird and show working together with a path way design (path way design is another program).

Any comments warm welcome. :)

DragonFireSDK Spotlight / Free Philip Jumper, on the Appstore
« on: July 19, 2014, 04:42:46 pm »
Hi DFSDK follower
I invite you to check out Philip Jumper,   better then flappy bird in my opinion,  written completely with DragonFire SDK!
Ready for iPhone and iPad without the loss of image resolution
Dont forget to RATE THIS APP  :o

I don't have all devices to test, But if you have any issue, please let me know. It will be great if you guys can tell me what the problem is. Even with a screenshot.

DFSDK forum
I have finished my first game "Arcade Blackbird" , and App store has finally accepted .
Although I know I have no experience in games, I think that library of DFSDK is fairly easy and fast (minor bugs).

When I was a child I loved to play space games, So I then gave myself time to create this project, Hope you guys like it.

Find it on Itunes by typing:"Arcade Blackbird"

Interesting algorithms:

- Loads fast of files stages
-Stages design
-Collision detection
-Sprite control
-Position and direction of shot.

my blog:
my facebook:

DFSDK forum

He terminado mi primer juego "Arcade Blackbird", y App Store lo acepto finalmente.
Aunque no tengo nada de experiencia haciendo juegos, Creo que las librerias de DFSDK son facil y muy rapidas (menores bugs).

Cuando era niño me gustaba jugar los juegos espaciales y de aviacion, Asi entonces me di el tiempo para hecer este proyecto, Espero les guste.

Encuentralo en iTunes escribiendo:"Arcade Blackbird"

Algoritmos interesantes:

-Cargado rapido de archivos de stage
-Diseño de stages
-Choque de objetos
-Sprite de imagenes png
-Posicion y direccion de disparo.

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