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DragonFireSDK Spotlight / DFSDK Mac Library Release! $99
« on: April 09, 2015, 09:55:06 am »
We are looking at making everyone self sufficient so they can do their own builds of DFSDK on a mac. We will give a couple of users the library so they can test with it. Please let us know if you want to try it. The library is very stable and mature now. It is clearly the easiest way to write an iPhone/iPad app - in C/C++

We need to work with a couple of Mac savvy DFSDK users who can help other users traverse building their own apps using the library on a Mac. Please email if you want to become the DFSDK Mac Library "Link Master" who can become a forum moderator to help people on this topic!

FYI: Micro Center has a new Mac Mini for only $399 - do your own builds at a low cost. The DFSDK Mac Library will cost $99 and will be 50% off to current owners of DFSDK.

Tips and Tricks / Visual C++ 2012 Compatibility
« on: October 25, 2012, 10:12:28 am »
If you are using Visual C++ 2012, you will need to make one small change to your DFSDK project properties to get your apps to build on Windows.

1. Open the project in VC++2012 and select the PROJECT->Properties menu item.
2. Next, expand the Linker section and select Advanced.
3. Finally, set the "Image Has Safe Exception Handlers" setting to "No".

Happy coding!

Build Center / DragonFireSDK and iPhone 5 Support
« on: October 23, 2012, 12:36:49 pm »
DragonFireSDK Customers,

DragonFireSDK 2.2 supports iPhone 5.
  • DragonFireSDK apps have a minimum iOS version requirement: 4.3.
  • Make sure you include Retina versions of your icons and launch images in your Build Center and App Store submissions.  If you omit one of these images, your app (during testing) will have a DFSDK default icon or launch image as a placeholder.  During App Store distribution, if you fail to provide high resolution icons or launch images, we will remove any references to them, so you will be unaffected in this case.  See here for naming conventions and file names of these required files:
  • For iPhone / iPod touch apps, you will need to get in the habit of detecting the UI type and lay out your views accordingly (taking into account the height of the screen).  To accomplish this, you will need to call DeviceGetUIType() to know whether your app is running on the 3.5-inch iPhone / iPod touch screen (return value==0; 320x480) or the iPad (return value==1; 768x1024) or the 4-inch iPhone / iPod touch screen (return value==2; 320x568).
  • Also, you will want to consider supporting Retina displays within your app with "@2x" versions of all your images.  This will enhance the value of your app, especially with customers with Retina displays and maybe even make you some money in the App Store.  See here for information on how to support Retina displays:

  Here is a simple example of how to get the UI Type:
Code: [Select]
int interfaceType;
int screenHeight;

void AppMain()
if (interfaceType==0) // UI Type 0 = 3.5 iPhone / iPod touch screen
else if (interfaceType==1) // UI Type 0 = iPad (including mini) screen
else if (interfaceType==2) // UI Type 0 = 4.0 iPhone / iPod touch screen
// etc.


Non-Game Programming / DragonFireSDK & Visual C++ 2012
« on: September 27, 2012, 08:59:58 am »
An issue exists when using DragonFireSDK with Visual C++ 2012.  In order to get your DFSDK apps to compile on VC++ 2012, all you need to do is the following:

1.) Open Project -> Properties...
2.) Select Linker -> Advanced
3.) Change the "Image Has Safe Exception Handling" setting to "No".

That's it!

Happy coding,

Tips and Tricks / DragonFireSDK Undocumented Function: AlertShow()
« on: May 08, 2012, 01:11:26 pm »
If you ever need to show an alert message to your user (the translucent dialog box that has a message and an OK button) you can add the following code to your App.cpp file and add this functionality yourself.

Code: [Select]
#ifdef __APPLE__
int AlertShow(char *title, char *message);
#include "Windows.h"
int AlertShow(char *title, char *message)

When you process your builds on the Build Center from now on, you may notice that you get an e-mail to your registered address stating that you can install your built application Over the Air (OTA).  Rest assured that this is not SPAM or an attempt at phishing or anything sinister!

It is us and we have added this new feature for the convenience of our customers.  Hopefully this makes your lives MUCH, MUCH easier.

In short, the e-mail will contain a link that you can tap from the provisioned device.  Tapping this link will bring up a dialog box stating that " would like to install 'YourAppName'".  The dialog box has two choices: Cancel or Install.  Tapping Install will download your app from our web server to your phone and install it.  This takes iTunes out of the installation process altogether!

I hope you enjoy using this new feature!

Thanks for being the best customers in the world!

How Do I...? / MOVED: Retina Graphics?
« on: April 30, 2012, 01:55:15 pm »

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