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DragonFireSDK Spotlight / Re: DFSDK Mac Library Release! $99
« on: April 19, 2015, 07:29:44 am »
Hope this is released soon! It would definitely make things easier for submitting updates!

The update to Solitaire Whizz released the other day includes 4 new games, including Poker Solitaire, bringing the total up to 28. For any fellow developers interested in checking it out, here are a couple of codes:


I also have a couple of free solitaire apps available: see

The latest version of Solitaire Whizz has just been released to the App Store. In case any fellow developers would like to check it out, a couple more promo codes:



Dear all,

You may be interested in checking out my new solitaire app Klondike Solitaire Collection for iPad:

The app is free of charge and, along with my other solitaire apps, was created with DragonFire SDK.


Version 1.3 of Solitaire Whizz was released the other day. In case any fellow Dragonfire users would like to check it out, here are a couple of promo codes:


The total number of games included is now 24.

I notice that Apple turned this round very fast (just a few hours between uploading the binary and having it reviewed and accepted in the App Store) -- I'm guessing because of the release of iOS 7 they're stepping things up a bit to get updates out the door!

Responding in part to comments here and by other users, Version 1.2 of Solitaire Whizz-- which was released to the App Store today-- now features much improved graphics as well as additional solitaire games.

Here are some typical screenshots now:

iTunes link:

Hope people agree that the new graphics are an improvement! Any other feedback always welcome!

Just to mention that Version 1.1 of Solitaire Whizz has been released to the app store. The update includes one or two small changes and bug fixes.

From the App's web site I'm also giving away a few promo codes in return for a Tweet or Facebook like:

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Obviously part of the rationale was to get version 1 "out the door" and then take on board suggestions from the wider community. I'll think about the corners of the cards -- an idea I had in the long run was to allow the user to choose between different decks, so I could easily have one with sharp and one with rounded corners.

Again with the price point, my expectation-- as with other apps-- is that it will take a few weeks to work out what in reality is the appropriate price. My personal feeling with the $.99 price is that this is great for a large studio with the resources to advertise an app to the level where getting millions of sales is a realistic possibility. But for a small developer selling a more specialist app, a more realistic aim is to try and sell a few thousand copies at a higher price point, and in addition $.99 really gives you "nowhere to go" in terms of special offers. Obviously time will tell whether that philosophy works for this particular app-- so far, sales look like they could actually be quite reasonable, but it's very early days.

I agree about the graphics -- I decided that what I had was "good enough" to get version 1 out the door, but I expect to include more professional efforts not too many updates down the line if the app sells well enough. (The card images, on the other hand, are licensed from a professional source-- there was no way my graphics programmer skills would extend to them!)

Spider is actually one of the games I'm considering for an imminent update (there'll inevitably be a small bug fix update as one or two niggles come to light) -- watch this space!

Dear all,

I invite you to check out Solitaire Whizz, my new compendium of solitaire games written with DragonFire SDK!

The app currently includes 16 solitaire games, including favourites such as Klondike and FreeCell, as well as other fun but slightly lesser known games. Please do check out the app, and if you don't find your favourite game, suggestions are always welcome for future updates!

[Edit: This post edited September 2013 to show new graphics added in Version 1.2]



DragonFireSDK Spotlight / Spanish Word Searches for iPad
« on: January 02, 2013, 07:17:23 pm »
Just thought I'd share with you a small app of mine released today, developed with DragonFireSDK: Spanish Word Searches for iPad basically does what it says on the tin: Do share with anyone you think might be interested!

In this app developed with dragonfiresdk you can see scroller with recoil and friction, zoom on the photos, menu that scroll from right and other features used by apple library completely developed with dragonfiresdk.

Thanks for sharing -- it's interesting to note that Apple are happy to accept Apps that 'imitate' the iOS UI from scratch without actually using it (which I assume is what you're saying you've done).

One thing I-d be interested if you are able to share: how do you embed the map on screen just from the Dragonfire SDK?

Thanks for your comments. The texture is actually a photograph of some real wood :) Enjoy the game!

Dear fellow developers:

You may like to grab a copy of "LetterMeister", a word/puzzle game I made with DragonFire SDK and which is free for the next couple of days.

Feedback/app store reviews are always welcome!



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