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Title: Creating a .mobileprovision cert?
Post by: DaKatt on May 09, 2012, 11:28:19 am
Can anyone walk me through setting up and testing an app? I'm stuck trying to get a .mobileprovision certificate. I'm a registered developer and I've entered my iPhones UIDIDIDID number and I'm now in the provisioning portal but I can't see how to create the cert, only instructions for xcode

"Xcode is the preferred method for requesting and automatically installing this certificate. Before proceeding, read ..."

And then it goes on to say how to create it using xcode I think. Anybody know? thanks
Title: Re: Creating a .mobileprovision cert?
Post by: Tom on May 09, 2012, 11:32:32 am
If you are only looking to test at the moment, please visit the Build Center, log in, and you will be given the option to enter your phones UDID. This process takes up to 24 business hours, but is only needed once. You can then upload and process your App, etc.

Build Center: http://www.dragonfiresdk.net/Build.asp (http://www.dragonfiresdk.net/Build.asp)