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Title: so I'm creating a point and click action adventure game
Post by: Mitsunari on October 19, 2012, 03:27:54 pm
Hi I have recently gone out and got Dragonfire SDK and I'm looking to start creating my first real game using the development kit. I am worked over the tutorial applications and got a basic idea as to how they work but of course they are simple programs. I am going to attempt to be making a point and click action game similar to some of the classics from the early 90's such as Monkey Island and Myst, to be honest its going to be more like Myst as i plan on using a first person view and using pre-rendered images to simulate movement much as the early Myst games use to do.

On paper that's all really straight forward and i should be ready to hit the development stage building an engine and then the game after once everything works. My main quest is the use of .cpp files. I have been doing some research looking on around the internet and game across someone reviewing Dragonfire SDK anyway during the review he mentioned that we can use one .cpp file during the application. Is this correct, the person that wrote the review mentioned that you could use and unlimited number of .h files to get around this problem, however I do believe putting source code into header files isn't recommended as it would have to recompile all the code in all the header files every time I make any changes to the game or engine code.

ok guess i found the answer to my own question, the code heads into the .h file, thanks anyway i'm sure i'll have some more questions on how to program items and such laters on.
Title: Re: so I'm creating a point and click action adventure game
Post by: jjsanchezramirez on October 22, 2012, 10:02:15 pm
Look at the FAQ section. There's a link right here in the forums.

In summary, yes, you can only use one .cpp file, but you can right additional code and keep in .h files or header files. You right the code as if it were a .cpp file. Then you simply include it at the top of app.cpp. I hope this helps.